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Let’s get rid of the anger monster

on June 11, 2012

I tend to be an irritable person….okay, I guess I can be a bit angry at times. I know I shouldn’t be an angry person, after all I’m a Family Ministries Assistant Director. But, sometimes I just can’t seem to make my angry monster go away. You know what I mean, somebody just says something at the right time and it even though you know it shouldn’t…it sets you off. You find yourself calling your spouse to calm you down (unless it’s your spouse that upset you in the first place) and just wishing you could be alone or somewhere relaxing.

I wish I could be more like my husband. He very rarely gets angry. Rude or ignorant comments just slide off his back. He doesn’t get road rage when someone cuts him off and he can handle sarcastic remarks and doesn’t get bitter about things or hold grudges. Now, my husband isn’t perfect (though he might say he’s pretty close…) but he is doing way better at fighting off the angry monster than I am. What are some techniques that me and people like me can use to make this monster stop rearing its ugly head?

I know that environmental stress (work or unsatisfying environment) is a cause, my long (1 hour 20 minute) commute is a factor, and just the way that I’ve been wired are all contributing factors. But, there are some things that I’m starting to do that I think are beginning to help me.The major one being – living a balanced life.

a great article that I recently read states, “If we are to live a balanced life (not “swerving to the right or the left”), then we must be filled up with God. Because He is our Creator, His Word will literally be “life and health” to us.

But, regardless of which “software” we buy for our life, it is all installed through the same “D drive.” Everything enters through our “heart” (not the physical organ in our chest, but the spiritual core of our life). That is the key to, both, transformation and corruption. The Word of God, or the Word of corruption, enters through the heart and begins to take over our life. Then our life changes—for good or for bad.

So the secret to a balanced life is to “guard your heart.” We should post sentries at the gates of our heart so as to only permit entrance to words, or “programs,” which will lead to life and health. All of life will flow from what enters those portals.

Now, you may be wondering, what does all this have to do with anger?

Simply this: anger is one of the main “dashboard” lights in life. When we become angry (or encounter it in others), it tells us that someone’s life is out of balance. When that light starts flashing, wise people know to pull off the road and give attention to what is going on “under the hood.”

This made me think…what in my life is out of balance? Am I spending too much time working at home when I should be spending time with my husband? Do I talk to my parents and brother over the phone instead of watching that movie? Should I be exercising instead of napping? And am I spending as much time with God as I should be?

I quickly realized that my life isn’t balanced. I spend most waking hours working. I don’t sleep at night. I nap during the day. I don’t exercise or spend time with my husband or talk to my family as much as I should. And, instead of spending more time with God than during my morning devotionals, I just do more work.

I need to re-balance my life. I bet you might need to as well.

For more help and information, read this.



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