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What can I do with my family?

on December 10, 2012

Since we’re in the middle of December, and we all want to do special things with our families…but the time just gets away from us – I’m going to challenge you to take one day a week and devote that day to your family for the rest of this month. Really make your family a priority; turn your phone off, don’t go on the computer, and forget about work and school (once homework is done, of course). Now, I know what you’re thinking. My family is WAY too busy to take a day away from all of our scheduled activities! But again, I challenge you. There are even some churches (mine included) that has canceled mid-week activities so that families can spend more time together during this month. Make your family a priority this Christmas season.

Since I’m giving you this challenge, it’s only fair that I give you some ideas for your family to do together. So, here it goes

– Visit the zoo. A lot of zoos across the country do something special for the Christmas season. And if you’re having an unseasonably warm winter like we are here in central Indiana, the zoo can be a really fun place!

– Find out about your area’s community center and/or park activities. Where I live, there’s a park less than 5 miles from my house that has a huge Christmas light display. You can drive through the entire park! (so you’re nice and warm while enjoying the beauty of the lights) A season pass only costs $5.

– Have a family slumber party. It is so much fun when the whole family takes blankets and pillows into the living room, and watches movies, eats popcorn and just spends time being silly together…..and the kids will think it’s so cool that they’re able to stay up late!

– Build a fort. (Use large appliance boxes outside, or pillows and sheets inside.)

– Get out the the family photo album. Show your kids photos of you and your spouse. Tell them about how your relationship grew. Show them baby pictures and tell them how much you love them and what makes them special!

– Play board games! My family loves to play apples to apples or the game of things. If your kids are older, you can play card games as well. The wii, xbox kinect, or playstation move are always a huge hit!

– Go on a family trip/historical excursion. This can be a week, week-end, or day trip to anywhere from a historical site to Disney to grandma’s house.

– Did it snow? Go sledding and make a snowman. You can even have a snowball fight or make an igloo together!

– Tell stories around a campfire. (Or in front of the fireplace). It’s even fun to tell a story in parts (one person starts and tells the story for a few minutes, then hands it off to the next person who continues the story and hands it off to another person…etc)

– Write letters to grandparents or a missionary. You could make home-made Christmas cards, or take photos to turn into a Christmas postcard.

– Attend community concerts or listen to a local band. There are some really exceptional concerts and plays during this time of year.

– Make Christmas cookies or other treats. You can deliver some to neighbors or friends!

– Go to a basketball or football game together.

– Organize a community clean-up.

– Visit the library. This was one of my favorites with my mom. We’d spend hours together at the city library looking at magazines, reading books, and sometimes even taking a class or two.

– Go ice skating. There are both indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks in most cities, and prices range depending on the city.

– Paint a picture, a mural, or a room.

– Join a family choir. You could even go caroling to different neighborhoods in your city!

– Start a family journal. My husband’s family and I did this when we were in Australia. We were there for five weeks, and though my mother-in-law wrote in the journal daily, we all made sure to write in the journal at least once a week to document our favorite activities, our struggles, and our new experiences.

– Go to a museum. Most cities have art, science, and history museums. Be sure to check into what things are on display before going. For example – a museum in my home city used to have an exhibit in the science museum once a year about the human body. It was made up of different real muscles, organs, bones, and other elements of the body. These were real body parts of people who had left their remains to science. It would be appropriate for a mature high school student, but not for a preschooler!

– Play cards. (Try phase 10, Canasta, crazy eights, Euchre, or scripture cards.)

– Start a family exercise group. You can do things like; run, aerobics, or zumba!

– Make Christmas ornaments or other crafts together.

– Have a culture night. Make a meal and learn about another culture. This would be great if you knew a family from another culture. I was fortunate enough to know two refugee families; Burmese and Congolese. It was great spending time learning different cultural recipes and games!

– Take photographs together and of each other.

– Go around the table after dinner and have everyone say what they love best about each other.

– Go dancing, have a family dance, or take a dance class together.

– Watch the sunset. Watch the sunrise. Figure out when the sun will rise and set in your location.

– Have a big party and celebrate a TV free week.

– Have a picnic. (If it’s too cold or bad weather, have a picnic in the family room on a blanket.)

– Visit an elderly person or someone shut in. You’ll be surprised how many awesome stories they’ll tell you!

– Learn home repairs for an activity. Make sure the girls learn too.

– Start a family collection. (Coins, rocks, stories, dress-up, clothes, treasures.)

– Watch an old movies together.

– Make a family goal chart.

– Make a grocery list, set a budget, divide items, go get pizza with the money you save.

– Make a family cook book. Try out the recipes!

– Have a family treasure hunt, or go Geo-caching.

There’s a huge list of things to do with your family! This is a great time of year to show them how much you love and care about them!



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