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About Us

I’m Mallory Wood, the Assistant Director of Family Ministries at Trinity Church in Indianapolis. Check out our Senior Pastor’s blog at It’s an awesome blog with insight to what we are talking about in services and what we need to be thinking about as we continue on our Christian walk.

About me: I’m 23, and from Buffalo, NY. My parents are hard workers and are my best friends. I have one brother that is 10 years younger than me. He gives me a lot of inspiration on what to write and things to think about. He’s brilliant – in school, sports, and music. (I think he gets all of these things from me….) I have an amazing husband, E.J. who I might refer to sometimes. We were married in December 2011. I’ve worked with kids for five years – in the large church setting (a few hundred kids), small church setting (25 kids), and over seas (Africa and Honduras). I love to talk to people and find different articles and information that can help families to connect and be protected.

Our Church: We are at 9709 Allisonville Rd in Indianapolis, IN. We have 2 services – 9:00am and 10:30am on Sundays. We also offer classes for different age groups on Wednesdays. The people who I work with are awesome and are all extremely knowledgeable in what they do. We also offer counseling and have two childcare centers. Check us out a little more on our website –


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